Dresses Order Process

How to order dress from us?

We serve you with orders of unique, custom made dresses. You can also choose one of our premade templates. You will find guide for ordering and decorating below.

Fill the order form

Fill our order form by answering questions in it.

Share us your wishes

Use our catalog as a source of inspiration and share your wishes about model, colors and fabrics of the dress. You can also choose premade dress template of your wish from our catalog to be custom made.


Tell us budget of your dress, so we can produce the dress within price limits. Dress can be made in color of your choise.

Fabric templates

We send fabric templates by mail or you can come see them in our studio. By doing this, we can ensure that shades of colors meet your hopes.

Drafts of the dress

On basis of designing we create the drafts of the costume. We create 3-4 drafts and calculate estimated costs for the costumes. Drafts and prices we send by e-mail to be approved by you.

Comments on the drafts

Send your approval or comments on the drafts. If needed, we will make the changes to drafts based on your comments. After approval of one of the drafts, we will need information about measurements for the dress.

Measurements for the dress

If you are able to visit us, measurements for the dress are taken in our studio. If it is not possible, we will send you email about how to take them yourself. We send measurement instructions via email.

Order confirmation

After approval of the draft and the price estimate, we will send you a written order confirmation. In it you will find precise date when your dress will be ready.

Fitting of the dress

For the fitting of the dress we strongly suggest that you will come to visit our studio. If it is impossible, we need to see what other solutions there could be depending on the case.

Delivery schedule

We agree on schedule and wishes of the delivery. After that we send written order confirmation with planned delivery schedule.

Written Approval

Send us written approval on order conbfirmation by e-mail.

Your dress is ready!

When your dress is ready we will deliver it by post or you can pick it up from our studio.

Finish unique dress with decorations

When ordering the dress we can already agree upon the decorations. Decorating gives the dress fabulous last touch by highlighting just the right spots. In decorating we use different techiques and materials like painting, lace fabrics, different decoration bands and gluing crystals, sequins and halved beads. If needed, we can make draft of decorating.

Dress billing

After approving price of the dress, we bill prepayment to start producing. Prepayment is 30 % of full price, with payment time of 7 days. Rest of the price is billed after costumes are ready, with payment time of 14 days. Prepayment is billed to cover making of drafts and materials needed for the dress. In custom orders prepayment is not returned in case of annulment of sale, because of customised designing, producing and material purchases.

Let us wake the dress of your dreams alive!

Take contact and we will help in any questions related to dresses. You are welcome to visit our studio and tell what kind of dress you’d like to have.