Costumes Order Process

How to order costume from us?

We serve you with orders of individualised, custom made performance costumes. You can make order for one athlete or whole team. Here you will find instructions about ordering and decorating.

Fill the order form

Fill our order form by answering questions in it.

Athletes’ information

Tell us your athletes’ age, sport, wishes for model of the costumes, colors and fabrics.

Program information

Send us theme and music of your program. This helps us to do unique designing to make performers’ dream come true.

Budget of the costume

Tell us budget of your costume, so we can create it within price limits. Higher budget allows to design more complex and detailed costume. When your budget is under 130 € / one costume, please see our online store’s collection. Costumes of our collection can be created in colors you like. There you can find different models fit for this budget.

Fabric templates

We send fabric templates by mail or you can come see them in our studio. By doing this, we can ensure that shades of colors meet your hopes.

Drafts of the costume

On basis of designing we create drafts of the costume. We create 2-3 drafts and calculate estimated costs for the costumes. Drafts and prices we send by e-mail to be approved by you. Designing and creating drafts usually takes 5 to 14 days, depending on difficulty of the costume and our order queue. We want to design and create athlete a unique costume, that fits his/her story and performance perfectly.

Approval of draft

Send your approval or comments on the drafts. If needed, we will make the changes to drafts based on your comments. After you have chosen and approved one of the drafts, we need information about the size of the costume.

Size of the costume

Costume can be ordered based on clothing size or athlete’s personal measurements. If you decide to order costume based on personal measurenments, we will send you excel-sheet to write them down. Mittaa tarvittavat mitat ja kirjaa ne ylös. Especially when ordering costume for single athlete, we recommend taking personal measurenments. Instructions on how to, you can find here.

Amount of costumes

If your oder costumes for whole team, please let us know amount of costumes and different sizes.

Written order confirmation

After you have approved the draft and price estimate, we send you written confirmation of the order. In confirmation you can find exact date, when your costumes will be ready. Making the costumes takes 2-7 weeks, depending on amount and complexity of the costumes.

Delivery schedule

We agree on schedule and wishes of the delivery. After that we send written order confirmation with planned delivery schedule.

Written Approval

Send us written approval on order conbfirmation by e-mail.

Costumes are ready

When costumes are ready, we deliver them by mail or you can pick them up from our studio.

Ordering performance costume with your own draft

Ordering only producing of the costume.

Own Draft

If you want, you can order costume with your own draft

Send the draft

Send us the draft and wishes of fabrics and decorations.

Price of the costume

We send you the price of the costume to be approved. If model of the costume demands another draft, we will draw it to make producing easier.

Rest of the order process

By other parts, order process follows same phases as normal process above.

Finish perfect performance costume with decorations

When making order, we can agree about decorating costume with top quality Aistarg crystals. Decorating gives costume fabulous last touch and wakes it alive when performing, highlighting just the right spots. Well working and theme supporting decoration makes performance wholesome and gives athlete confidence. In case you wnat to use your own crystals, we can make decorating plan and sewing accordingly.

Decorating costumes of teams

For teams we suggest ordering extra model costume to plan decorating. With model costume it’s easier to decide on how to decorate whole team’s costumes. Price of this and other decorating can be split between team members. Price of service for Aistarg crystals is 0,1 € / glueable crystal and 0,2 € / sewable crystal. For other crystals 0,15 € / glueable crystal and 0,25 € / sewable crystal.

Billing of costumes

After approving price of the costume/costumes, we bill prepayment to start producing. In orders under 3 costumes, whole price is billed at once. Prepayment is 30 % of full price, with payment time of 7 days. Rest of the price is billed after costumes are ready, with payment time of 14 days. Prepayment is billed to cover making of drafts and materials needed for the costume. In custom orders prepayment is not returned in case of annulment of sale, because of customised designing, producing and material purchases.

Anna meidän toteuttaa unelmiesi asu

Take contact and we will help in any questions related to costumes. You are welcome to visit our studio and tell what kind of costume you’d like to have.

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