Sewing Machine

Fixes and modifications on costumes

We serve you with different kinds of fixes and modifications on costumes. We can also alter paintings or application sewing of any finished costume.

  1. You can order fixes or modifications on costumes by our ordering form or by email. You can also be in contact by phone or agree about appointment in our studio.
  2. Wash the costume before delivering it to us. Unwashed costumes we have to take to laundry before modifications or fixes. Price of the laundry will be added to the bill for the customer.
  3. Tell us what kind of modifications you hope to the costume.
  4. Tell us precise fixes you want to be done.
  5. Let us know how and when you will deliver the costume.
  6. We will give you a price estimate for the work.
  7. We will send you a written order confirmation and tell when the work will be ready.
  8. Send us approval on the order confirmation by email.
  9. After modifications and fixes we will deliver the costume by post or you can come pick it up from our studio.

Prices for fixes and modifications of costumes

  • Shortening of hem – starts from 15 €
  • Lengthening of hem – starts from 25 €
  • Narrowing of side – starts from 25 €
  • Shortening of sleeves – starts from 15 €
  • Narrowing of sleeves – starts from 20 €
  • Removal of sleeves – starts from 20 €
  • Change of attachment (zipper, buttons, hooks etc.) – starts from 20 €
  • Changing of underpants – starts from 35 €
  • Lengthening of a costume – starts from

Other special modifications priced by hourly rate of 40 €/h.

Removing the crystals and sequins from the costume for the time of fixing and sewing or gluing them back is priced separately. If the costume has applications or paintings that need to be retained, we will price that separately. We will give the complete price after we have seen the costume, the amount of decorations and possible applications or paintings which need to be retained.

Don’t hesitate to contact us and ask for more information! We are happy to serve with different kinds of fixes and modifications.