Caring Instructions for Costume

It’s important to take good care of your costume. It extends the costume’s usage time and helps to retain it’s elasticity and beautifullness.

  • Smells that stick to the costume can be removed by ventilating. It’s suggested to do this always after using it. You should wash the costume only after ventilating isn’t enough anymore.
  • Sunlight can fade away colors of the costume and weaken it’s elasticity, so don’t store it in sunshine. If you have to be in sun while carrying the costume, use costume bag. If you have to be in situation where costume is in the sun. Put it into bag, so that sun is not affecting to the costume.
  • Dirty costume can be washed or taken to be washed. For costumes we suggest hand wash. Avoid hard scrubbing. You can start by soaking the costume in cold water for 10 to 15 minutes, which will help the dirt to come off.
  • The costumes which include decorations are suggested to be only handwashed with cold water. Machine wash is not suggested for the costumes.
  • Dry the costume carefully by wrapping it in towel and pressing. It is not suggested to twist the costume or using any other kind of rough handling. Dangling the wet costume is not suggested either.
  • Put the costume to dry on top of laundry rack for example.
  • If decorations fall of during washing, you can sew or glu them back to the costume. You can also send the costume back to us to be fixed.

With good caring your costume will last longer.