Designer Natalia Komar

Natalia Komar

Natalia Komar


“I want every costume to be unique and tell just the athlete’s story who is performing or practicing in it.”

When I was a child, I used to watch enchanted when my mother drew and painted different kinds of remembrances and artworks. I dreamed of being as good at drawing and painting as her. I would sit hours and hours beside her just watching how she captured small details with the colors. That and the world of clothing made big impression on me. Already as a kid, I began designing and manufacturing clothes for dolls.

I started to dream of profession of a designer. First my road led to studies of an art teacher. But still after graduation my thoughts were in clothing designing. I went to university to study interior designing and now I am graduating from there as clothing designer. I worked as designer in Russia for seven years and 2015 I moved to Finland to continue as designer in Gratsia (now Aistarg). I really love my job. I get inspired from every athlete’s performance and design, paint and create unique costume fit just for her/his theme.

Themes and planning their details, drawing and painting are my passion. I like to read a lot, watch fantasy movies, move in nature and am a big architecture lover. I could watch different buildings and their particularities for ages. Everything I see inspires my drawing and painting. I get special opportunity to capture every athlete’s story in the costume and let it tell her/his story. Every costume is unique because of those small details. As a designer I feel I am developing every day through every athlete’ story and costume.

Natalia Komar, designer