Julia Mikhailova

Julia Mikhailova


Our passion is to produce unique and high-quality costumes. I have always loved handicraft and once I used to sew clothes as a hobby. Sewing inspired me so much that I decided to study to become dressmaker. When my daughter was eight years old she started aesthetic group gymnastics. I watched her trainings, shows and competitions. Language of the athletes’ motions, their fusible harmonic wholesomeness with the music, their energy flow and all the glowing inspired me to try making a competition costume. I wanted my own daughter a beautiful, high-quality and sustainable costume. After sewing the costume, I showed it to my daughter’s team’s coaches and they wanted to order the whole team similar costumes. That’s when the story of Gratsia (now Aistarg) begun. I founded the company in 2013 and started producing costumes for teams.
Natalia Komar

Natalia Komar


When I was a child, I used to watch enchanted when my mother drew and painted different kinds of remembrances and artworks. I dreamed of being as good at drawing and painting as her. I would sit hours and hours beside her just watching how she captured small details with the colors. That and the world of clothing made big impression on me. Already as a kid, I began designing and manufacturing clothes for dolls. I started to dream of profession of a designer. First my road led to studies of an art teacher. But still after graduation my thoughts were in clothing designing. I went to university to study interior designing and now I am graduating from there as clothing designer. I worked as designer in Russia for seven years and 2015 I moved to Finland to continue as designer in Gratsia (now Aistarg). I really love my job. I get inspired from every athlete’s performance and design, paint and create unique costume fit just for her/his theme.
Aleksandra Mihailova

Aleksandra Mikhailova


Thanks to her wide and strong gymnastic background Aleksandra knows, what the customer needs. Combined vision and experience of athlete, coach and judge fills the missing piece to the design process of the costumes. She takes care of customer service with professionalism and friendliness. She is happy to help with anything you need.

Values of Gratsia / Aistarg

High quality from Finland

Unique approach towards every customer

Unique and professional design

Different and innovative manufacturing techniques